New EGO Collection

A stylish work bag will amp up your office look and make your job easier.

If you want to be taken seriously, go for sharp, sleek and practical and avoid embellished accessories with excessive hardware or add-ons like charms or key chains. Let a simple design and great materials do the talking.

Here are our proposals for those who dare to take on the world:


Black & White Ostrich inspired Business Bags

Especially designed for non-stop women who are looking for a bag that is chic, practical and professional.

With a zip pocket for your smartphone, a roomy slip pocket for reading material and manila folders, and an ample handle that allows you to run hands-free between events.

Mujer Jellymoon  Mujer Jellymoon
Ego Ostrich Business Bag Black/ White 275€


Him-Her EGO Business Bags

For those who crave something extra-polished: the buttery-soft leather him-her Ego Business Bag in classy black or delicious toffee.

Maletín EGO Hombre Toffee Jellymoon  Maletín EGO Hombre Negro Jellymoon

Maletín EGO Hombre Negro JellymoonMaletín EGO Hombre Toffee Jellymoon

  Maletín EGO Hombre Negro Jellymoon

   EGO Business Bag Black/ Toffee 305€


Orange EGO Business Bag

If you are looking for a statement piece and black really isn’t your thing you will fall in love with the daring orange lizard business case, guaranteed to brighten up your day and make you feel extra sharp.

Mujer Jellymoon Maletín EGO Naranja Jellymoon

Orange EGO Business Bag 315€


EGO Document Holders

For senior levels of sophistication, Jellymoon presents the super lean Ego Document Holders, in sumptuous black or lizard inspired grey,

Smart and unobtrusive, these leather folios are a classic that show you mean business whether you’re suited or booted.

Sobre EGO Tejus JellymoonSobre EGO Negro Jellymoon

EGO Document Holder Lizard / Black 185€



Work papers? Check. Smartphone? Check. Laptop? Check. Look that turns heads? Check.

Delivered anywhere in the world in a beautiful luxury box with no shipping charges.