Jellymoon is the result of the longing to do things differently.

Tired of the ever increasingly disposable world around her, and fired by her great passions, fashion, art and architecture, Ana Hernando, Founder and Creative Director of Jellymoon, had the urge to create something beautiful and long-lasting.

Her obsession: designing utterly flattering accessories, capable of instantly upgrading any look. Handbags that make your heart beat faster.

Each of our gorgeous limited edition pieces are meticulously handcrafted through a process that combines more than 100 different steps.  Properly, slowly, with passion.

Due to this exquisite craftsmanship each of them is unique and has its own personal charm.

Jellymoon brings you playful sophistication with a luxury twist mixing exquisite leather and sumptuous suede in exuberant hues and classy neutrals creating an irresistibly alluring vibe.